2014 Subaru WRX – ProTune

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2014 Subaru WRX – ProTune

Received this Subaru WRX sedan for a fuel pump and injectors install.  Well the Walbro 300lph install was pretty much straight forward, but when we installed the supplied set of Dynamic Injection 1000cc the engine did not like them and I was struggling to get a clean idle. Besides the struggle with tuning the idle there were some DTCs that came up in reference to the injectors.

Thanks to my friend Zach that suggested we take out the injectors and have them tested and flowed, we quickly found out that this set of injectors were the culprit. Spoke to the client told him about the situation and we decided to get a set of fresh FID1000cc in the mix. We installed the FID1000 moved 2 parameters in the accessport and the vehicle was purring like a stock car once again.

Later installed the last piece of the puzzle, a Grimmspeed EBCS and she was ready to hit the rollers.


OEM injector is the blue one, Dynamic Injection is the red unit. wrx2

The bottom Black Injector is the FID1000cc against the other 2 injectors.

wrx3 wrx4 wrx5 wrx6

WRX ended up making 255whp and 292wtq at 18psi tapering to 17psi. Tested in 4th gear

Stock motor, VF52, FID1000, Walbro 300lph, GS ebcs, 4 core TMIC, TBE, OS canister, accessport v3 stage 2


This WRX came back to us since the owner found some issues with his turbo inlet pipe and was changed out with a new unit.  So the WRX was brought back to us to check the calibration and make sure all the fuel trims and other sectors in the calibration were operating optimal.  Here is the result from this retune.

Green line was the previous tune and the red line is the tune after the turbo inlet hose install.  In conclusion made some further positive results on the tune.
Also managed to spool up quicker and make some positive improvements to the WTQ in the earlier section of the RPM range.

wrx1 wrx2 wrx3