Nissan Sentra B16 – UpRev calibration

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Nissan Sentra B16 – UpRev calibration

My associates in Panama contacted me and asked me if I could remote tune this Nissan Sentra B16 SpecV.  Manual transmission on this vehicle and some simple bolt ons.

I said sure lets put that UpRev on it and see what we can make on it.  The guys at Taller NB in Las Tablas did a great job of testing the vehicle and relaying the information to me in order to check out the datalog and dyno chart results from every movement that was made to the UpRev ROM.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the results and so was the owner of the vehicle in the Azuero region of Panama.

Here are the before and after runs.  We were able to extract power throughout the power band from the calibration.

A  little more tweaking and this was the way we left the vehicle at.  Very proud of what we were able to accomplish with this remote calibration session.