2013 Scion FRS – JRSC Install & Calibration

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2013 Scion FRS – JRSC Install & Calibration

After much deliberation and consulting with which direction we were going to instruct the client to go with in regards to a supercharger install.  We decided to go towards a Jackson Racing supercharger kit on this 2013 Scion FRS with Automatic transmission.

The install was done flawlessly by our trusted in-house tech, the addition of the supercharger kit to this Scion FRS was pretty straight forward and turn around was short for the client.

After the install, the next step was to flash the vehicle with a EcuTek license and then proceeded to get the vehicle to the dynamometer to map the engine.

Dyno Jet comparison numbers are shown above. Dyno Dynamics peak number for this calibration at that psi level shown on the chart was 250 RWHP.  Ambient conditions on the day were 56F, 55% and 30.27 and the gear the runs were made was 4th in Sports Mode.

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2013 Scion FRS – Kraftwerks

On Saturday got a chance to calibrate another Scion FRS that was forced induced.  This vehicle had previously visited our shop on the later part of December to get a baseline done.  On that given day which the ambient conditions were in the 66F with 65% humidity.
The owner had just fitted the vehicle with a Kraftwerks supercharger set up.
No other mods were present besides the supercharger kit on this vehicle with a Automatic transmission.
On that given day the best number that came out was 214whp (with the Kraftwerks ROM) and it was tested in sports mode in 4th gear.

Fast forward to Sept. 16th with ambient conditions in the 97F, 52% & 30.10 baro, so a rather humid miserable day and the best that the vehicle managed to baseline line was 189whp @ 12psi.  Now that we got our baseline we plugged the EcuTek Protuning kit and proceeded to start from scratch with our own calibration to improve the performance from that Kraftwerks ROM file the car was using.


Needless to say that with movements in Fueling, timing advance and cam timing we managed to improve from the numbers on the tuning day and also surpass the numbers from the colder December day back in 2016.  Very happy with the numbers and can not wait to calibrate this car once again when the owner starts adding UEL header and exhaust components to free up some low end torque.

Simulated dyno jet numbers above.