Nissan S14 – RB25DET

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Nissan S14 – RB25DET

Nissan 240sx S14

Finally got around to getting this car back to the shop to do the calibration.  After collecting all the quality performance parts for the build it was time to map it.

Some of the parts we were waiting to install were:

  • Stock engine
  • Rebuilt turbo / IWG
  • DW550cc injectors
  • Haltech Platinum Pro
  • Haltech CTS, ATS sensors
  • SPAL fan upgrade.

The challenges on this vehicle was keeping the operating temps at a comfortable level and this was accomplished.   With coolant temps hovering in the 165-170F range during the tuning session mission complete. Ambient conditions on the dyno cell were 80F, 62% humidity and 30.03 baro

The next challenge was making sure we established a flat torque curve and trying to reach close to the 300whp level as that is what the goal was for this project.

First we had some boost creep issues, but Rodney after some tinkering was able to find the issues and we managed to keep the boost were we actually wanted it. The runs were done at 14psi with a little creep to 16psi. Choice of fuel was 93oct pump gas.

The car feels amazing and can not wait to see it once again when we install and adjust the rolling anti-lag feature in the Haltech Pro.


Special thanks goes out to my brother Rodney for trusting us with the mods for his engine management solution.

In conclusion, when the right quality parts are used, installed properly and the engine is mapped correctly the results are sure to come.