2002 Subaru WRX – Calibration

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2002 Subaru WRX – Calibration

Got this client a week ago to drop his Subaru WRX to get mapped out, but come to find out there were some issues that needed to be rectified before a single power pull could be administered.

A rear passanger side wheel bearing needed to be fixed, apart from that there were some vacuum lines that were not in the correct order.  After those things were sorted out then we proceded to connect and tune the vehicle via RomRaider.  Specs on the vehicle are as follows:

Fresh JDM ej205, 2004 sti 6 speed transmission, Kinugawa 20G turbo with all the necessary bolt ons.

wrx1 wrx2 wrx3 wrx4

ESensat04STI2 ESensat04STI

Ambient conditions 82F, 66%, 30.03 baro