2015 Infiniti Q40 – UpRev calibration

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2015 Infiniti Q40 – UpRev calibration

Gentleman contacted me since he just picked up this used vehicle and wanted to make sure it was operating correctly since it seemed that it was previously modded.  the first step he did was take it to dealership to replace the oem ecu since it was throwing some codes. Once that was done he brought the car to us to calibrate it.

This 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD A/T came in with a Stillen Gen3 intakes only, so we installed a UpRev license and started calibrating the vehicle to get a good reliable performance out of it.

After the calibration of this vehicle on this cold night we managed to increase the power output on it to a respectable number for a AWD configuration.

Ambient conditions on the night were: 52F, 39% and 30.17 Baro / all runs were done in sports mode 4th gear.