2003 Toyota Celica GT – Haltech Sprint 500

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2003 Toyota Celica GT – Haltech Sprint 500

Had a return visit from a previous client that I had the pleasure of tuning his vehicle in NA condition as we fitted a custom harness and a Haltech sprint 500.  That was a year ago and now he was hungry for some more power so the client went bought and installed a turbo kit for this 1zz-fe engine with manul transmission.

Here are the mods from this kit:

  • 650cc injectors
    TURBOSMART 38mm WASTEGATE with dump pipe
    Turbo 2.5 PIPING
    60mm turbo
    Manual boost controller
    Deatschwerks 265PLH fuel pump
    SUBARU STI MAF AIRMETER 2.75 pipe housing.
    Light weight flywheel
    Stage 2 clutch
    Stage 1 Crowder camshafts
    Supertech valves springs.
    3in downpipe no cat
    7 heat range spark plugs

So car came in on a tow truck since it would not run right of course with the new bigger injectors. Got the fuel dialed in and then it was on to the rollers for further tuning on the Haltech Sprint500.

After the tuning was completed there are some other things that still need to be addressed but at least we were able to find a comfort spot for the boost and the power delivery for the moment.

CelicaGtTurbo Dyno Run

Purple line was tuned in N/A configuration.

Blue line is now in its boosted condition @10psi.
That little twitch at 5600 rpms has been rectified as we were getting a little spark blow out.

Here are the Dyno Jet simulated number for that same run.