Panama Tuning Adventure – Part2

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Panama Tuning Adventure – Part2

The other days of being here we had some set backs with the cars. This 2005 Nissan Armada did not pose any problems as it was fitted with a UpRev calibration to get a little more power and fuel economy.

A gain in both WHP and WTQ were added to this vehicle.  The chart for this tuning session will be sent to me at a later time and I will update the blog.

This 2016 Mustang 3.7L v6, A/T was next on the slate to be tuned.  Mods on this car was AirRaid intake and MagnaFlow exhaust system.  Tuning system employed was HPTuners.

This was my first go a tuning a HPTuner system on a Ford Mustang.  I was thankful enough to have the help from 3 other competent domestic tuners that guided me thru the process of tuning this new ECU.

The ECU on these years like also the Coyote 5.0L motor employs speed density tables instead of MAF scalar tables like the earlier models.  I have to say it was quite laborious to tune these ECU, I have a ton to learn still but at the end was able to make some improvements on the performance of the vehicle.

Blue line is the baseline from where this car was tested before and the red line is after the mapping with HPTuners.

Test were done in 3rd gear via sports mode.

After the Mustang these two other vehicles were slated to hit the dyno and make some decent power but had some mechanical issues that came up and we were not able to finalize the calibration on them.  All these vehicle you see and there are like 4 more in the shop (that I did not take a picture of) that all sport a Haltech engine management system. I will be coming back to Panama soon enough when they are once again ready to be calibrated.

As always had a great time with my family at Taller NB in Las Tablas, great group of people to work with and will be back here soon enough.  As for now signing off from hot and humid Panama



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1990 Toyota Tacoma – Haltech PS2000


This was a little bit of a long project for the client as the client worked diligently to put in a 1997 3.4L (5VZ-FE) motor in this chassis.   After the motor was in, the Haltech PS2000  was wired by the client.  It was fitted with some  individual GM LS1 coils and a Haltech Wideband was also put into the mix to help speed the tune.

The truck was delivered to us and after many hours of trial and error in trying to get the right configurations to start the the engine and making sure the engine was in TDC and it had not jumped a tooth or something we managed to bring it to life.  Even though we managed to start the engine it still had a noise of a miss and then the (passenger side) head started to show sign that a noise was emanating from that side.

We notified the client and he came and picked up the truck so we could take it to a Toyota specialist and have the motor diagnosed.  After a few months elapsed the truck was coming back and the problem was found and rectified.

The problem ended up being the tensioner built into the exhaust cam having a bunch of slack.



Truck was brought back to now do the actual tuning on the Platinum Sport 2000, a little street tuning was done before it was loaded up on the rollers to get the final touches on the timing tables.

Taco1 Taco2 Taco5

Tuning and test were mostly done in 3rd gear.
Best power ouput was 127whp or 142whp(dyno jet) on this set up.
Down the road a TRD Supercharger will be added to deliver more WTQ since this car is going to be living doing
much rock climbing duties.

Would like to thank Nick for trusting in our recommendations, calibration and engine management system to get his project off the ground.




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Haltech Elite 1500 – Savage Life EF

Finally we got a chance to get a Haltech Elite with Race Functions to a local client.  We have tuned several of these Elite series but usually in the country of Panamà.  Now I have a chance to do some local tuning to a friend and racer we are sponsoring.

HT-150939 will be soon living inside a Honda EF Civic turbo.  We are focusing now on the custom engine harness then later the ignition accessories.

This project is in the infant stages at the moment as the chassis is getting prepped up for roll cage and other items.

So for now  we are gathering the necessary parts for the heart of the project.  Stay tuned as we will constantly update this blog as the parts start to come in and the work is done to the chassis.

Will leave you now with the brains of the whole operation:


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Nissan S14 – RB25DET

Nissan 240sx S14

Finally got around to getting this car back to the shop to do the calibration.  After collecting all the quality performance parts for the build it was time to map it.

Some of the parts we were waiting to install were:

  • Stock engine
  • Rebuilt turbo / IWG
  • DW550cc injectors
  • Haltech Platinum Pro
  • Haltech CTS, ATS sensors
  • SPAL fan upgrade.

The challenges on this vehicle was keeping the operating temps at a comfortable level and this was accomplished.   With coolant temps hovering in the 165-170F range during the tuning session mission complete. Ambient conditions on the dyno cell were 80F, 62% humidity and 30.03 baro

The next challenge was making sure we established a flat torque curve and trying to reach close to the 300whp level as that is what the goal was for this project.

First we had some boost creep issues, but Rodney after some tinkering was able to find the issues and we managed to keep the boost were we actually wanted it. The runs were done at 14psi with a little creep to 16psi. Choice of fuel was 93oct pump gas.

The car feels amazing and can not wait to see it once again when we install and adjust the rolling anti-lag feature in the Haltech Pro.


Special thanks goes out to my brother Rodney for trusting us with the mods for his engine management solution.

In conclusion, when the right quality parts are used, installed properly and the engine is mapped correctly the results are sure to come.



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2002 Lexus IS300 (2JZ-GTE)

An previous client came with a newly acquired car. His last one was lost in the recent floods so this was his new ride and it needed some remapping.  A built motor swap from a Supra was done to this vehicle as well as fitted it with many aftermarket parts to boot.

Mod list included: Haltech Sprint500 / Bosch 1000cc / Precision T4 6262 / GSP modified T4 Exh. manifold / Tial 44mm WG / HKS BOV / CX Racing FMIC / JE pistons /stock rods / Ferrea valves 1mm intake & .5mm exhaust / HKS 264 camshafts / Crower Spring & retainers / HKS headgasket  / Manual Transmission.

Shell Vpower 93 octane was used

Apart from remapping the Sprint500 we had to replace some tired Tbolt clamps in the chargepipes and swap out a faulty MBC for a Hallman MBC. Boost then was linear from 19psi to 18psi.

Special thanks to this client for trusting us with his vehicle.  See ya soon


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