2002 Lexus IS300 (2JZ-GTE)

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2002 Lexus IS300 (2JZ-GTE)

An previous client came with a newly acquired car. His last one was lost in the recent floods so this was his new ride and it needed some remapping.  A built motor swap from a Supra was done to this vehicle as well as fitted it with many aftermarket parts to boot.

Mod list included: Haltech Sprint500 / Bosch 1000cc / Precision T4 6262 / GSP modified T4 Exh. manifold / Tial 44mm WG / HKS BOV / CX Racing FMIC / JE pistons /stock rods / Ferrea valves 1mm intake & .5mm exhaust / HKS 264 camshafts / Crower Spring & retainers / HKS headgasket  / Manual Transmission.

Shell Vpower 93 octane was used

Apart from remapping the Sprint500 we had to replace some tired Tbolt clamps in the chargepipes and swap out a faulty MBC for a Hallman MBC. Boost then was linear from 19psi to 18psi.

Special thanks to this client for trusting us with his vehicle.  See ya soon


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