2008 Subaru STI – ProTune Stage2

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2008 Subaru STI – ProTune Stage2

Got a chance to post these pics from a tune we did a while back and the same client came back to retune once more.  This time the client added a Grimmspeed 3-port ebcs and Crawford AOS so with that added it needed a calibration for those added items.


Before this he had added these items to take him to a stage2 Protune:
Injen intake, TGV Delete, Turbo Back Exhaust, Built bottom end with Shell 93octane.  These were the before and after the initial calibration session with stage 2 items.

Ambient conditions on the calibration day, 55F, 45% Humidity and 30.13 baro
4th gear runs, boost was targeted to 19.5psi and tapers to 15psi

This chart above is the run after the 3-port EBCS was added and AOS from Crawford.  So we managed to pick up a bit of WTQ & WHP all thru the rev range, but realized that we will be needing a better TMIC and a bigger turbo to take full advantage of this built bottom end.  So for the meantime good gains and another happy client leaves the rollers.

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2015 Subaru WRX – Protune stage 2

As always thankful for getting a chance to meet new people and this was no different as I received a client at the shop that day from the state of MS.  His vehicle was a 2015 Subaru WRX on stage 2 mods.  He was using a e-tune and was tired of going back and forth and not being able to get the tune spot on.

Car came in and we first proceeded to do a smoke test on the engine to make sure we did not have a boost leak before the session.  Boost leak test came back negative and then seeing that we proceeded to put the vehicle on the rollers.

Mods on this vehicle were:

Grimmspeed EBCS / Grimmspeed CAI / Perrin Chargepipe /  Tomioka Racing downpipe / PRL tgv and egr deletes
Cobb Accessport v3

Ambient conditions on the day were: 74F, 45% humidity and 30.13 baro.  Test runs were in 4th gear.

Purple line was as the car came in, hitting 20psi and tapering to 15psi.
Grey line was at the end of the tune, 19psi tapering to 16psi.  On this run i let off the throttle after 100mph due to seeing higher IATs. This was later corrected on the highway after some runs in the real world.
These were dyno jet presented numbers.

2015 WRX stg2 Dyno Run