Panama tuning 1/12/17 – Acura RSX-T

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Panama tuning 1/12/17 – Acura RSX-T

Started the day with a baseline runs for a client that is interested in making his 2015 Ford Mustang ecoboost more responsive.  At the moment the vehicle only has a Airaid intake. The future plans now is to get the exhaust mods and a #cobbaccessport for the vehicle.  Final numbers were 195whp / 230wtq in a 3rd gear pull.

Next up on the day was a Acura RSX typeS turbo on #Haltech Platinum Pro it was tuned previously by the guys at TallerNB, but a set of #fuelinjectiondevelopment 1300cc were added and retuning was needed. We wanted to go higher than the 14psi it was tuned earlier but we wanted to do some valve adjustment and head work first and the time did not allow so we retuned it for the same PSI.  Mods in this vehicle are #Holsett HX35, built bottom end, Tial WG/BOV, Skunk2 intake and TB with a BWR exhaust manifold, Precision FMIC and Walbro 255lph.




Once we installed the FID13000 we noticed that the car did not want to start and when it did it was missing pretty badly. Well we decided to have a look at the spark plugs and sure enough that was the culprit. In two cylinders those Denso IK24 showed signs of something sinister had happened before it was brought back to us. Did a compression test on the motor but fortunate enough there was no signs of damage in those cylinders.  Threw away those plugs and installed a fresh set of NGK BKR8EIX and she came back to life.


Last up on the evening some local guys from Chitre brought in their tuner (Chapa) and rented the dyno to fine tune a EK B18c1 built bottom end, stock sleeves on Hondata s300 and a large t4 6667 precision turbo.  First they fought off some fueling issues that were present and later had to contest against some ignition issues that plagued them as well.  They got close to their expected goals.




Off to get some needed sleep as we stayed up to 1am with the mechanic Tayto as he tries to get a B13 SR20DE ready for the weekend’s race event.