2002 Honda S2000 Turbo

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2002 Honda S2000 Turbo


AP1 on the 2wd dyno

This car is from our very first client for Corr Performance.  This Honda S2000 started its life with some basic bolt ons and a AEM v1 since that is all that was available back in the days.

After going from N/A to turbo and having issues with his original engine after it was forced inducted, our client went and had the engine built and then he called us once again to dial in his AEMv1 with the Apexi AVC-R for some more added power.  When we dialed in the AEMv1, that resulted in 287whp at around 14psi.

After that tune we put a bug into his ear telling him to please get rid of that outdated AEMv1 and move over to a highly competent engine management system.  The Haltech Platinum Pro was purchased, installed  and also a set of Fuel Injector Development 780cc were also added.



So in conclusion we are very happy with the results that the Haltech Platinum Pro gave us at that boost level.

326whp on the Dyno Dynamics or 365whp on a dyno jet makes for a fun weekend car.

This car has come a long way and we are so proud of the results we were able to provide to one of our favorite client and good friend.  Thanks for letting us tune you car Keith!

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1990 Toyota Tacoma – Haltech PS2000


This was a little bit of a long project for the client as the client worked diligently to put in a 1997 3.4L (5VZ-FE) motor in this chassis.   After the motor was in, the Haltech PS2000  was wired by the client.  It was fitted with some  individual GM LS1 coils and a Haltech Wideband was also put into the mix to help speed the tune.

The truck was delivered to us and after many hours of trial and error in trying to get the right configurations to start the the engine and making sure the engine was in TDC and it had not jumped a tooth or something we managed to bring it to life.  Even though we managed to start the engine it still had a noise of a miss and then the (passenger side) head started to show sign that a noise was emanating from that side.

We notified the client and he came and picked up the truck so we could take it to a Toyota specialist and have the motor diagnosed.  After a few months elapsed the truck was coming back and the problem was found and rectified.

The problem ended up being the tensioner built into the exhaust cam having a bunch of slack.



Truck was brought back to now do the actual tuning on the Platinum Sport 2000, a little street tuning was done before it was loaded up on the rollers to get the final touches on the timing tables.

Taco1 Taco2 Taco5

Tuning and test were mostly done in 3rd gear.
Best power ouput was 127whp or 142whp(dyno jet) on this set up.
Down the road a TRD Supercharger will be added to deliver more WTQ since this car is going to be living doing
much rock climbing duties.

Would like to thank Nick for trusting in our recommendations, calibration and engine management system to get his project off the ground.




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2013 Scion FRS Turbo

Been talking to a friend of the shop #SuWorks for some time and he finally finished his 1 year build on this vehicle for a client of his.  The FRS was fitted with many goodies so because of the forced induction kit that was added they needed some one to program this vehicle.  We were recommended to get this vehicle started since it was fitted with some upgraded injectors and fuel pump so it needed a new calibration.

The FRS arrived by trailer and after a few things were buttoned up it was time to add the starting #ecutek ROM.
Needless to say after the correct configurations to the ROM was placed the car came to life. Short and Long term fuel trims were checked and they were +/- 5% as indicated.


Mods on the vehicle (which are many), but only going to put the pertinent ones:

Greddy Turbo Kit
DW 750cc injectors
DW 300c fuel pump
NST Pulley set
Hallman MBC
3″ exhaust
Wilwood BBK
Rocket Bunny body kit
Defi gauges and AEM wideband

frs1 frs2 frs3 frs4 frs5 frs6 frs8 frs9 frs10

To date we managed to make a power pull to see how the wastegate would react and we managed to make 7.5psi and power pulled to 227whp on 93 octane (stock on these vehicles are 150whp) AFRs were in the 11.1 range.

We were hoping to move the psi levels to 10psi but had a actuator issue that needs to be sorted out so till that is fixed we will update you guys in a few days.

Special thanks to #suworks and #turbonola for coming by hanging out with us and attend to any special needs to make sure that the calibration goes smooth.


Got some pictures now that the FRS has been washed and was able to do some further tuning on the streets to get the AFRs exactly how I wanted them.

All I have to say is that I got a satisfied client once again.  Here are the snaps form that day.





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2014 Scion FRS/SC – EcuTek

Had the pleasure to finally calibrate our first FRS with a Innovative supercharger.  Car came in to see if we can safely extract more usable power out of the twin screw charger, since this car will be used for road circuit and AutoX duties on the weekends.  Client was gracious enough to leave the car with us for a few days to slowly tweak all the parameters needed to make the gains.

Mods in the vehicle included:

  • Perrin intake
  • Innovative SC kit
  • Nameless Performance header & downpipe
  • Greddy Evo3 cat back exhaust
  • Manual transmission

Car arrived and we loaded it onto the dyno in order to get some baselines.  After we were satisfied with the baseline we obtained we later proceeded to load a base ROM and start from scratch.

Tuning on the EcuTek was fairly straightforward as the critical tables were touched in order to reach the right AFRs and also the proper timing on the engine.

frs1 frs2 frs3 frs4 frs5 frs6


Red run was the baseline with the ROM from the Innovative kit.
Green run was after the calibration session
Blue was a final run to check once again any knock corrections and Dynamic Adv, Multiplier.
Ambient conditions during the tune – 80F, 31% hum. & 30.18 baro.  Al runs were done in the 4th gear.

In conclusion we were very satisfied with the results and like to give special thanks to Shawn F. for the referral and Daniel for trusting in our tuning services.

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2013 Subaru WRX Hatch

It is always nice when you can provide a complete package to a client.  This was the case with this client, we supplied him the parts that he wanted for a good price.

Military discount was applied to this client as well.  We offer discounts to our brave military people and also any emergency personel.

With the parts in and awaiting for his arrival the day to drop the car off was finally here.

Before the vehicle was fitted with its upgraded parts we did a baseline to see what the vehicle output was.  At the time the car had only a Invidia cat back exhaust.


We count on a great experienced tech by the name of Zach for this job. Zach did not waste any time in putting in the Cobb intake and Invidia down pipe in this vehicle. Great turn around time, the client was able to get his car installed and flashed with its new APv3 stage 2 OTS calibration.

Next day it was time for the calibration as the Dyno Dynamics AWD was ready to do the work.  Car was tested to see what the power gains were not with the OTS stag2 map.  After that test was done it was time for the ProTune to see where the engine power was going to end up.  Well it did not dissapoint.

wrx1 wrx2 wrx3 wrx4 wrx5 wrx6 wrx7 wrx8 wrx10 wrx12


Red – Baseline / Green – Stage2 OTS / Blue – Protune


For all you dyno jet people, here are the numbers  with the Baseline (green) and ProTune (red)


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2013 Volkswagen GTI MK6

A client contacted me and wanted his VW GTI calibrated, we spoke about the mods that he had and what we could do for his set up.  After finally getting the go ahead from the client a appointment was set up to visit the rollers.  This past week we had the great opportunity to finally order the VW Cobb Tuning  Protuner license.  Before the license key arrived from Cobb that game me a good chance to hit up some of the great only tutorials and tips that Cobb offers for its ProTuners.

Always the challenge with calibrating a new platform that we are not used to seeing is knowing what tables need to be touched and understanding how the actual oem ECU does its strategy to achieve safe power levels.  The one thing I love about the Cobb tuning platform is the great lengths the engineers go to keep all the necessary safety nets in place so the car’s engine can be protected during all the regions of  operation.

Mods on the vehicle were:

Cobb Intake / Cobb Turbo Back exhaust / Cobb Accessport v3 / DSG  Auto Transmission

vw1 vw2 vw3 vw4 vw5 vw6 vw7 vw8 vw9


Before and after results of the Stage2 ProTune calibration.   Test was done in 4th gear sport mode and ambient conditions on the day were: 82F, 50% hum. 29.97 Baro.


Client’s reaction a day after the mapping of  his vehicle.

Overall, what an improvement, especially on the lower and really high
end. Makes sense for what we changed!

Also it’s boosting up to 20.7psi, which is perfect.

Thanks a lot again man!


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Nissan S14 – RB25DET

Nissan 240sx S14

Finally got around to getting this car back to the shop to do the calibration.  After collecting all the quality performance parts for the build it was time to map it.

Some of the parts we were waiting to install were:

  • Stock engine
  • Rebuilt turbo / IWG
  • DW550cc injectors
  • Haltech Platinum Pro
  • Haltech CTS, ATS sensors
  • SPAL fan upgrade.

The challenges on this vehicle was keeping the operating temps at a comfortable level and this was accomplished.   With coolant temps hovering in the 165-170F range during the tuning session mission complete. Ambient conditions on the dyno cell were 80F, 62% humidity and 30.03 baro

The next challenge was making sure we established a flat torque curve and trying to reach close to the 300whp level as that is what the goal was for this project.

First we had some boost creep issues, but Rodney after some tinkering was able to find the issues and we managed to keep the boost were we actually wanted it. The runs were done at 14psi with a little creep to 16psi. Choice of fuel was 93oct pump gas.

The car feels amazing and can not wait to see it once again when we install and adjust the rolling anti-lag feature in the Haltech Pro.


Special thanks goes out to my brother Rodney for trusting us with the mods for his engine management solution.

In conclusion, when the right quality parts are used, installed properly and the engine is mapped correctly the results are sure to come.



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2013 Scion FRS Turbo – Install & test

The other day got a customer that a turbo system (JDL) was installed in his 2013 FRS by another local shop.   He brought the car to us to look over the install of the turbo kit and also add a Hallman MBC to the mix.  We installed the MBC as well as correct a few things  in the engine bay, then proceeded to put the car on the dyno to get the boost levels to 9psi.  We checked out the calibration that the vehicle had and we warranted that it did not need any further adjusting to it at that increased boost level.

frs1 frs2 frs3

Comments left by the client on our facebook site:
I had just recently dealt with Corr Performance. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of not only mechanics, but enthusiasts, to work on my car. I felt extremely comfortable leaving my car here and very confident in the work that was being done on my 2013 Scion FRS – Turbo. Both Alberto and Zack are the smartest guys I have ever met, not just in a car sense, but also an educational matter. If you are looking for someone who is going to take care of your car and do work properly, Corr Performance is the way to go. Shout-out to Alberto and Zack for doing amazing work, and I am for sure not done dealing with this business.

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2014 Subaru WRX – ProTune

Received this Subaru WRX sedan for a fuel pump and injectors install.  Well the Walbro 300lph install was pretty much straight forward, but when we installed the supplied set of Dynamic Injection 1000cc the engine did not like them and I was struggling to get a clean idle. Besides the struggle with tuning the idle there were some DTCs that came up in reference to the injectors.

Thanks to my friend Zach that suggested we take out the injectors and have them tested and flowed, we quickly found out that this set of injectors were the culprit. Spoke to the client told him about the situation and we decided to get a set of fresh FID1000cc in the mix. We installed the FID1000 moved 2 parameters in the accessport and the vehicle was purring like a stock car once again.

Later installed the last piece of the puzzle, a Grimmspeed EBCS and she was ready to hit the rollers.


OEM injector is the blue one, Dynamic Injection is the red unit. wrx2

The bottom Black Injector is the FID1000cc against the other 2 injectors.

wrx3 wrx4 wrx5 wrx6

WRX ended up making 255whp and 292wtq at 18psi tapering to 17psi. Tested in 4th gear

Stock motor, VF52, FID1000, Walbro 300lph, GS ebcs, 4 core TMIC, TBE, OS canister, accessport v3 stage 2


This WRX came back to us since the owner found some issues with his turbo inlet pipe and was changed out with a new unit.  So the WRX was brought back to us to check the calibration and make sure all the fuel trims and other sectors in the calibration were operating optimal.  Here is the result from this retune.

Green line was the previous tune and the red line is the tune after the turbo inlet hose install.  In conclusion made some further positive results on the tune.
Also managed to spool up quicker and make some positive improvements to the WTQ in the earlier section of the RPM range.

wrx1 wrx2 wrx3

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This past Saturday 3/11/17 had the engineers from the LSU FSAE team bring their kart back on the rollers to do some further testing with the vehicle.  To their surprise the changes they made to the motor and some tweaking on the engine management system yielded in positive results.

lsu1 lsu2 lsu3 lsu4