2012 Nissan 370zTT – Fixing & UpRev calibration

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2012 Nissan 370zTT – Fixing & UpRev calibration

A old client referred this gentleman with the 370zTT to our services. Car came in with the client mentioning that it felt lethargic after he had done a simple oil change in one of those oil service shops.  We loaded the vehicle on the dyno to see what we were up against. The initial dyno test determined that this car was making below normal aspirated power numbers. It was not boosting the right psi and the AFR conditions were dire in the rich side.

After we unstrapped the vehicle from the dyno we were commissioned to take the necessary measures to rectify the situation. Upon quick glance we saw that the previous shop did not do a spot on job on the installing the AAM Competition twin turbo kit.  Our tech came in and wrote down a shopping list of items that would have to be replaced and other adjusted in order to get the turbo kit to operate efficiently.

Many thanks for Luis at AAM Competition for helping us in troubleshooting and getting us the correct parts that needed to be replaced on the kit.

Nissan 2012 370z
A/T built / AAM Competition twin turbo kit / UpRev calibration / Shell 93 oct.

Runs made in sports mode 4th gear.
Ambient conditions 81F / 64% humidity / 30.03 Baro.

All runs were made at the gate pressure which was 9psi.

Dyno Jet comparison mode.

370zTTdyno video

On 1/29/18 we went to No Problem Raceway to test the vehicle and see what it could do out there.  We had to work out some kinks on the shifting aspect of the vehicle, but after that managed to make some decent passes.  The pass in the video is of the low boost 9psi run which we are making the power from the charts above.