2013 Volkswagen GTI MK6

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2013 Volkswagen GTI MK6

A client contacted me and wanted his VW GTI calibrated, we spoke about the mods that he had and what we could do for his set up.  After finally getting the go ahead from the client a appointment was set up to visit the rollers.  This past week we had the great opportunity to finally order the VW Cobb Tuning  Protuner license.  Before the license key arrived from Cobb that game me a good chance to hit up some of the great only tutorials and tips that Cobb offers for its ProTuners.

Always the challenge with calibrating a new platform that we are not used to seeing is knowing what tables need to be touched and understanding how the actual oem ECU does its strategy to achieve safe power levels.  The one thing I love about the Cobb tuning platform is the great lengths the engineers go to keep all the necessary safety nets in place so the car’s engine can be protected during all the regions of  operation.

Mods on the vehicle were:

Cobb Intake / Cobb Turbo Back exhaust / Cobb Accessport v3 / DSG  Auto Transmission

vw1 vw2 vw3 vw4 vw5 vw6 vw7 vw8 vw9


Before and after results of the Stage2 ProTune calibration.   Test was done in 4th gear sport mode and ambient conditions on the day were: 82F, 50% hum. 29.97 Baro.


Client’s reaction a day after the mapping of  his vehicle.

Overall, what an improvement, especially on the lower and really high
end. Makes sense for what we changed!

Also it’s boosting up to 20.7psi, which is perfect.

Thanks a lot again man!


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2015 EcoBoost Mustang

I had the pleasure of going to Panamá and use my dyno there that is hosted in TallerNB in Las Tablas.
There we tested and then installed a Airaid CAI and Cobb Acccessport and here is the result of these 2 good items.

Disregard the ’14 description on the dyno chart, the operator made a typo, its a 2015!

At the end you can see how good the Cobb OTS stage1 did, plus the CAI. Boost was increased to 22psi and boost delivery was more linear than the stock one.
WTQ increase was drastically apparent in the lower RPMS of the WOT run.
Client happy and now wants more power.

2015EBMustang (7) 2015EBMustang (6) 2015EBMustang (4) 2015EBMustang (3) 2015EBMustang (1)



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2015 WRX Impreza Tuning on APv3

Tuned our first #subaru #wrx #impreza on #cobb #accessport #cobbtuning
Just with the OTS stage 1 map was considerable driving improvements over the OEM calibration.
Mods on the car was only a Mishimoto intake.

Baseline was 221awhp and best run on the day of tuning was 246awhp at 19psi tapering to 14psi.

Was very please with the rendering of this tune and so was the client. Soon he will be installing a exhaust and downpipe to accompany this.

Tunig our 1st 2015 Subaru WRX