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Infiniti Q50 – Uprev calibration

Got a call from a client in the neighboring state of MS in regards to making this car a bit faster. When he arrived we noticed that it was not making even the stock power that it should be making.

Checked oil and it  was low on oil, this is something that always needs to be checked before attending any tuning session. Proper level of the fluids is critical in these modern cars to be able to make the correct power once you start adding power adders.  This vehicle had minimal mods on it, it only had an intake on this A/T version.

Here is the before and after when oil was put in the right level and then after the Uprev calibration was administered.

Here are dyno jet numbers on these 4th gear pulls.

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Panama Tuning Adventure – 6.26.2017

Its always great having the opportunity to return to my country and help out my associates in getting their clients’ vehicles running correctly.  It also excellent that we have Copa Airlines flying direct from MSY to Panama, trip is only 3:30hrs.  Apart from that, it is always hard leaving the family and rushing out the door at 4:15am to catch a flight.

Waiting at the terminal I was greeted with a celebration as that same day was the actual 2 year anniversary of Copa Airlines having direct flights from Louis Armstrong airport to Tocumen Panama.  Flight left on time and arrived in Panama at the scheduled 10:50am.

Met my friends at the airport and was welcomed by the usual gridlock traffic that the capital of Panama is famous for.  Drove to a performance shop to pick up some VP Race fuel and saw a Honda tech that is famous around the country for his high horsepower projects.  This time was no different as Vicente was working on his Honda Civic with Kseries swap turbo.  This should be a nice little monster once its all said and done.

Well since it was past lunch time we had to stop by to get something to eat before the ride out to the country side.  Stopped at this mall and ate at a place called Lenas y Carbon and had a nice steak, along with some nice sides and a chicken soup called “sancocho” down here.

Arriving at Taller NB in Las Tablas that night was greeted with 2 very nice 370z waiting to be protuned via UpRev.
The red one has some Stillen Gen3 intakes and Greddy catback exhaust.  Final numbers were 298whp and for all you dyno jet people that translates into 334.5whp.

ARC option was added to this vehicle.


Next up was a 2009 370z with AdminTuning intakes, soho performance exhaust with test pipes.  This car with the addition of the intakes it would not idle decent because of the great breathing intakes that this car possess now.
After a few tweaks on the UpRev ROM we were able to get the car to idle great and also make some considerable gains.  Apart from the UpRev ROM both cars were fitted with the ARC system.  At the end of the night we had 2 very satisfied clients going home.  Final numbers for this black 370z was 306whp or 342.72 dyno jet numbers when the translation is performed.

ARC 2Step in action after the tune was finalized.









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2016 Volkswagen Golf R – Baseline

Client contacted us to do a dyno test (baseline) on this vehicle.  Client will be adding some more parts soon enough and wanted to see where he is starting at.

He recently bought it used with just an intake and APR stage1 DSG / reflash on the vehicle.

Ambient conditions on the night of the test were: 77F, 82% hum. and 30.03 baro

Test was done both in 4th and 5th gear.


Golf2 Golf3 Golf4

Golf5 Golf6

Dyno jet (Comparison mode) projected numbers.




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1990 Toyota Tacoma – Haltech PS2000


This was a little bit of a long project for the client as the client worked diligently to put in a 1997 3.4L (5VZ-FE) motor in this chassis.   After the motor was in, the Haltech PS2000  was wired by the client.  It was fitted with some  individual GM LS1 coils and a Haltech Wideband was also put into the mix to help speed the tune.

The truck was delivered to us and after many hours of trial and error in trying to get the right configurations to start the the engine and making sure the engine was in TDC and it had not jumped a tooth or something we managed to bring it to life.  Even though we managed to start the engine it still had a noise of a miss and then the (passenger side) head started to show sign that a noise was emanating from that side.

We notified the client and he came and picked up the truck so we could take it to a Toyota specialist and have the motor diagnosed.  After a few months elapsed the truck was coming back and the problem was found and rectified.

The problem ended up being the tensioner built into the exhaust cam having a bunch of slack.



Truck was brought back to now do the actual tuning on the Platinum Sport 2000, a little street tuning was done before it was loaded up on the rollers to get the final touches on the timing tables.

Taco1 Taco2 Taco5

Tuning and test were mostly done in 3rd gear.
Best power ouput was 127whp or 142whp(dyno jet) on this set up.
Down the road a TRD Supercharger will be added to deliver more WTQ since this car is going to be living doing
much rock climbing duties.

Would like to thank Nick for trusting in our recommendations, calibration and engine management system to get his project off the ground.




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Panama tuning trip 1/10/17 – ’07 Nissan 350z

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On Tuesday the day started with wanting to install some FID injectors to a RSX a TPS and start tuning this Acura, but had some mishaps on some components that were not there yet and we had to move to the next car on the day.

This was a 2007 Nissan 350z, mods are CBE / TP and Intakes.  We had tried to tune previously but the ECU was locked out so the client had to get another ecu and marry it to the engine. Once that was done I was able to install the UpRev license and start tuning this HR engine.  Car came in very poor fueling both in vacuum and wot regions. After the fueling was dialed in the car started to wake up performance wise.  After the NA calibration was finalized we moved on to the ZEX Nitrous shot that was going to be added. A colder NGK (1406) plug was installed and tuning started on the NOS. Had some issues with NOS delivery so the guy that installed the kit was called to fix the issues. Everything was sorted out and managed to squeeze and additional 75+WHP. Car needs to have its clutch replaced since it was showing signs of weakness during some of the NOS pulls.








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Panama tuning trip 1/9/17 – Pulsar GTiR

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Started the day nice and early leaving MSY at around 5:30am.  After a nice 3.5 hr flight I was in Panama Rep. of Panama awaiting my friends to show up to pick me up from Tocumen airport.
Straight from the airport to Race Lab Motorsports where the white Pulsar GTiR was waiting for me.

Met the rest of the guys from TallerNB and the owner of the white “Godzilita” GTiR to see what the new fuel set up and 28.5psi on the Borg Warner s300sxe would yield us. Seems that everything went well in the tuning sessions with a few hiccups along the way as expected. Managed to make more power on the new set up and after sorting out some minor things we believe this car is ready for the race event on the weekend.

Haltech PS1000, VVL head / stock cams/ BC spring & retainers / ID2000 / Gato racing InM / Protech ExM / BW s300sxe / Tial WG & BOV / VP Q16














Finishing the night at Last Tablas and getting a well deseved arepita de pollo y chicharron. Gracias Farri once again!
Shout out as always to the guys at TallerNB for bringing me @Locospeed, Manuelito tuning and lastly Gary Carbono of Race Lab Motorsports for his dyno services.



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Now carrying Kartboy parts

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Corr Performance Tuning is proud to announce that we now carry the Kartboy brand of products for your Subaru’s performance needs.  From suspension to accessories Kartboy has been a go to source for your Subaru’s aftermarket suspension and accessories.   Contact us for pricing and availability for your performance Subaru parts.


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2016 Ricky’s Dyno Day

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In part of the team at Corr Performance we wanted to give thanks to all that came out and supported our little humble #dynoday yesterday. Saw some good numbers made on this 65F, 70% humidity day. Thanks be to God for helping us keep away the rain for most of the day.

Shout out to Edward Brown and Baron M Fuselier for winning the #amsoilXLseries kit for top WHP numbers.

2005 Mazda Miata – 153 whp
2005 Subaru STI – 295.3 awhp
2012 Evolution X – 374 awhp
2015 Subaru STI – 264 awhp
2015 VW GTI – 343 whp
2012 Ford Mustang – 662 whp
2010 Nissan 370z TT – 477 whp
1997 Honda Civic – 390 whp
2005 Dodge SRT4 – 323.5 whp

img_4154 img_4155img_4153 img_4152 img_4156 img_4157 img_4158

img_4159 img_4160 img_4161

img_4162 img_4163 img_4164 img_4165

img_4167 img_4168 img_4170 img_4171vwgti2 vwgti img_4172 img_4173 img_4178 img_4179 img_4180 img_4181img_4182 img_4184 img_4185 img_4186 img_4188 img_4189 img_4190 img_4193 img_4194 img_4195img_419620161203_163223 20161203_163213 20161203_145638 20161203_133003 20161203_13295620161203_182216 20161203_180947







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Cobb Tuning Accessport for VW mk7

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Cobb Tuning to announce the immediate availability of their Volkswagen Accessport, Accesstuner Pro, Off-The-Shelf Maps, hard parts, and Stage Power Packages for the USDM (Mk7) 2015-2016 Volkswagen GTI MT & DSG!

Contact us for price and purchase.

Volkswagen GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 Stage Power Packages

These parts are also available in Stage Power Packages to fit any customer’s needs!

Volkswagen Stage 1 Power Package GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen High Flow Filter GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
Volkswagen Stage 1+ Power Package GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen SF Intake System GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
Volkswagen Stage 2 Power Package GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen SF Intake System GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen AMS Performance Front Mount Intercooler GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • COBB Vehicle Badge
Volkswagen Stage 3 Power Package GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen SF Intake System GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen AMS Performance Front Mount Intercooler GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen GESI Catted 3″ Downpipe GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • Volkswagen Cat-Back Exhaust GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM
  • COBB Vehicle Badge

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Fuel Injection Development 1st order.

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Just received our first order of #fidinjectors #fuelinjectiondevelopment for a client with a Subaru STI.
Very pleased with the technical service from them on not only making sure we get the right fitment of the injectors for this JDM STI but going above and beyond and including extra items to make sure there are no fitment issues.
Precise technical data sheet was also included which is vital.

Hit us up if you are in the market for some quality injectors.