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Nissan Sentra B16 – UpRev calibration

My associates in Panama contacted me and asked me if I could remote tune this Nissan Sentra B16 SpecV.  Manual transmission on this vehicle and some simple bolt ons.

I said sure lets put that UpRev on it and see what we can make on it.  The guys at Taller NB in Las Tablas did a great job of testing the vehicle and relaying the information to me in order to check out the datalog and dyno chart results from every movement that was made to the UpRev ROM.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the results and so was the owner of the vehicle in the Azuero region of Panama.

Here are the before and after runs.  We were able to extract power throughout the power band from the calibration.

A  little more tweaking and this was the way we left the vehicle at.  Very proud of what we were able to accomplish with this remote calibration session.

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2017 Porsche Cayenne Turbo – Test

Not every day when you get a chance to test a vehicle that is this powerful with exotic flavor and still a grocery getter. In comes this turbo monster on to the rollers to see what kind of numbers it will spit out.

Mods were exhaust and custom bench flash on the ecu.

Test done in sports mode in 5th & 6th gear.

Ambient conditions: 82F, 59% humidity and 29.99 baro.

This chart below a run done in 5th gear 390awhp and 450awtq.

This run is done in 6th gear with the results are 395awhp / 455awtq

This is a Dyno Jet comparison run of the 5th gear


Dyno run of Porsche Cayenne Turbo

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2015 Infiniti Q40 – UpRev calibration

Gentleman contacted me since he just picked up this used vehicle and wanted to make sure it was operating correctly since it seemed that it was previously modded.  the first step he did was take it to dealership to replace the oem ecu since it was throwing some codes. Once that was done he brought the car to us to calibrate it.

This 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD A/T came in with a Stillen Gen3 intakes only, so we installed a UpRev license and started calibrating the vehicle to get a good reliable performance out of it.

After the calibration of this vehicle on this cold night we managed to increase the power output on it to a respectable number for a AWD configuration.

Ambient conditions on the night were: 52F, 39% and 30.17 Baro / all runs were done in sports mode 4th gear.


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2013 Scion FRS – JRSC Install & Calibration

After much deliberation and consulting with which direction we were going to instruct the client to go with in regards to a supercharger install.  We decided to go towards a Jackson Racing supercharger kit on this 2013 Scion FRS with Automatic transmission.

The install was done flawlessly by our trusted in-house tech, the addition of the supercharger kit to this Scion FRS was pretty straight forward and turn around was short for the client.

After the install, the next step was to flash the vehicle with a EcuTek license and then proceeded to get the vehicle to the dynamometer to map the engine.

Dyno Jet comparison numbers are shown above. Dyno Dynamics peak number for this calibration at that psi level shown on the chart was 250 RWHP.  Ambient conditions on the day were 56F, 55% and 30.27 and the gear the runs were made was 4th in Sports Mode.

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2005 Saabaru – Test

Posted this vehicle since I have to say this was the first time us coming across something like this.  Client showed up to have us look the car and engine over to see about some fluid leaks it was having and also do a test on the dyno dynamics AWD.

Needless to say that the stock clutch that was on the Saab Aero 9-2X did not pass the test of making a single pull.  I guess now our first order of business is to get a new stage2 clutch kit in there.

Here are the pictures of this unicorn.


More pics to follow once the new clutch is in and broken in.



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2016 Volkswagen Golf R – APv3 calibration

Client contacted us to do a protune on this vehicle as he recently bought a APv3 from us.  Client added the necessary parts to be able to use the stage3 mapping that Cobb Tuning offers.

Intake, catted downpipe, catback exhaust and upgraded fmic.

APR stage1 DSG / reflash on the vehicle.

Ambient conditions on the day were: 78F, 72% hum. and 30.03 baro

First graph is the before and after the Protune with Dyno jet simulated numbers.

The above figure is the native Dyno Dynamics figure after the Protune.  Boost pressure during the calibration was 27psi tapering to 22psi at 7000 rpms.

There is still some more to be learned from this initial tune on this platform and we will be seeing this vehicle once again to see if we can extract a few more hp from the engine.  Special thanks to Mike for trusting in our tuning abilities.

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2007 Honda Accord turbo – KTuner calibration

This was rather an interesting project that rather landed in our lap. Client came in asking for a tuning solution for his Honda Accord i4 (K24A8) and he wanted to go the route of KTuner. I said sure I can get that for you and tune it.

The car arrived and then to my knowledge it was going to a automatic transmission vehicle that was fitted a TSX turbo kit on to it.

First I had to call the service of Jay to get us the headers on the ecu soldered since that needed to be done on this model ecu before we can even tune the vehicle.  As usual Jay did a bang up job.

While the board was getting installed in the ecu, the tech was going over some of the things that still needed to be done to the set up in order for it to be truly ready to hit the rollers.
410cc RDX injectors were fitted, KTuned fuel rail was also installed and a few other quirky things that were completed before the calibration could begin.

Ambient conditions on the time of the calibration were: 75F, 72% hum. 30.13baro
Runs were made on D3 setting in the transmission.
boost was of the wastegate spring and it maintained at 9psi
We did not know what it was going to do as this sort of combination was rather odd and not something I had seen before.  KTuner software did well to keep the engine steady and make the power it was going to efficiently make.
Was impressed with a car that makes 160hp to the crank and we managed to make 248whp with the boost that was being thrown at it.

Will post the charts shortly.

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2005 Acura RSX typeS – Kpro calibration

Got a chance to help a client from the capital with his normally aspirated set up.

As the car arrived it was placed on the rollers and a initial run showed that the fueling was rather poor in the calibration that the engine was running with.

Mods in this K20a2,  6MT included: CAI, header, exhaust and Hondata KPro.

Ambient conditions during the calibration: 70F, 66% Hum. and 30.13 baro

Runs where made in 4th gear, below are first dyno jet comparison numbers.  Second chart are Dyno Dynamics native numbers from before and after the calibration.