Subaru wagon – Haltech Elite 550

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Subaru wagon – Haltech Elite 550

Got a client that came in and dropped off a Subaru wagon with a swapped motor.  Car came in running under its own power and idleing good.  So it needed to just be mapped out in all the sectors of the engine operation.

EJ20G swap and a 5 speed STI manual transmission running on a haltech elite 550 ecu.

Mods included:

Generic short ram intake, generic 3 inch catless exhaust, front mount intercooler and no speed sensor.

The red lines on the chart is the test made in 3rd gear.
The rest of the runs were made in 4th gear.  PSI in these runs were in the 10 to 11 range.  Had to stop here due to a faulty coolant temp. sensor.

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