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2003 Toyota Celica GT – Haltech Sprint 500

Had a return visit from a previous client that I had the pleasure of tuning his vehicle in NA condition as we fitted a custom harness and a Haltech sprint 500.  That was a year ago and now he was hungry for some more power so the client went bought and installed a turbo kit for this 1zz-fe engine with manul transmission.

Here are the mods from this kit:

  • 650cc injectors
    TURBOSMART 38mm WASTEGATE with dump pipe
    Turbo 2.5 PIPING
    60mm turbo
    Manual boost controller
    Deatschwerks 265PLH fuel pump
    SUBARU STI MAF AIRMETER 2.75 pipe housing.
    Light weight flywheel
    Stage 2 clutch
    Stage 1 Crowder camshafts
    Supertech valves springs.
    3in downpipe no cat
    7 heat range spark plugs

So car came in on a tow truck since it would not run right of course with the new bigger injectors. Got the fuel dialed in and then it was on to the rollers for further tuning on the Haltech Sprint500.

After the tuning was completed there are some other things that still need to be addressed but at least we were able to find a comfort spot for the boost and the power delivery for the moment.

CelicaGtTurbo Dyno Run

Purple line was tuned in N/A configuration.

Blue line is now in its boosted condition @10psi.
That little twitch at 5600 rpms has been rectified as we were getting a little spark blow out.

Here are the Dyno Jet simulated number for that same run.

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2015 Subaru WRX – Protune stage 2

As always thankful for getting a chance to meet new people and this was no different as I received a client at the shop that day from the state of MS.  His vehicle was a 2015 Subaru WRX on stage 2 mods.  He was using a e-tune and was tired of going back and forth and not being able to get the tune spot on.

Car came in and we first proceeded to do a smoke test on the engine to make sure we did not have a boost leak before the session.  Boost leak test came back negative and then seeing that we proceeded to put the vehicle on the rollers.

Mods on this vehicle were:

Grimmspeed EBCS / Grimmspeed CAI / Perrin Chargepipe /  Tomioka Racing downpipe / PRL tgv and egr deletes
Cobb Accessport v3

Ambient conditions on the day were: 74F, 45% humidity and 30.13 baro.  Test runs were in 4th gear.

Purple line was as the car came in, hitting 20psi and tapering to 15psi.
Grey line was at the end of the tune, 19psi tapering to 16psi.  On this run i let off the throttle after 100mph due to seeing higher IATs. This was later corrected on the highway after some runs in the real world.
These were dyno jet presented numbers.

2015 WRX stg2 Dyno Run

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Nissan 370zTT – Fixing & UpRev calibration

A old client referred this gentleman with the 370zTT to our services. Car came in with the client mentioning that it felt lethargic after he had done a simple oil change in one of those oil service shops.  We loaded the vehicle on the dyno to see what we were up against. The initial dyno test determined that this car was making below normal aspirated power numbers. It was not boosting the right psi and the AFR conditions were dire in the rich side.

After we unstrapped the vehicle from the dyno we were commissioned to take the necessary measures to rectify the situation. Upon quick glance we saw that the previous shop did not do a spot on job on the installing the AAM Competition twin turbo kit.  Our tech came in and wrote down a shopping list of items that would have to be replaced and other adjusted in order to get the turbo kit to operate efficiently.

Many thanks for Luis at AAM Competition for helping us in troubleshooting and getting us the correct parts that needed to be replaced on the kit.

Nissan 2012 370z
A/T built / AAM Competition twin turbo kit / UpRev calibration / Shell 93 oct.

Runs made in sports mode 4th gear.
Ambient conditions 81F / 64% humidity / 30.03 Baro.

All runs were made at the gate pressure which was 9psi.

Dyno Jet comparison mode.

370zTTdyno video

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Subaru wagon – Haltech Elite 550

Got a client that came in and dropped off a Subaru wagon with a swapped motor.  Car came in running under its own power and idleing good.  So it needed to just be mapped out in all the sectors of the engine operation.

EJ20G swap and a 5 speed STI manual transmission running on a haltech elite 550 ecu.

Mods included:

Generic short ram intake, generic 3 inch catless exhaust, front mount intercooler and no speed sensor.

The red lines on the chart is the test made in 3rd gear.
The rest of the runs were made in 4th gear.  PSI in these runs were in the 10 to 11 range.  Had to stop here due to a faulty coolant temp. sensor.

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Honda CRX Turbo – Hondata S300 calibration

This client had a mishap with a overboost issue last time we had the car on the rollers.  Fast forward to another motor and it was time to correctly calibrate the engine.

Engine is B18C1 (stock) / Lucas 440cc injectors / eBay t3t04 / Hondata S300 / Walbro fuel pump

eBay bov, wastegate and FMIC.

Tested in 3rd gear

We left it at this level of power and boost since the 440cc injectors were close to the duty cycle that warranted an increase in injector size.

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Infiniti Q50 – Uprev calibration

Got a call from a client in the neighboring state of MS in regards to making this car a bit faster. When he arrived we noticed that it was not making even the stock power that it should be making.

Checked oil and it  was low on oil, this is something that always needs to be checked before attending any tuning session. Proper level of the fluids is critical in these modern cars to be able to make the correct power once you start adding power adders.  This vehicle had minimal mods on it, it only had an intake on this A/T version.

Here is the before and after when oil was put in the right level and then after the Uprev calibration was administered.

Here are dyno jet numbers on these 4th gear pulls.

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2002 Subaru WRX – Install and calibration

Got an email from what ended up being a neighbor from me. He wanted us to install some stage2 parts to his Subaru at first and what this turned out was a long relationship.

We ended up fixing some issues we saw in the car, replaced couplers and exhaust flex pipe that had seen better days.
After the performance and maintenance parts (injectors, fuel pump, inlet pipe, etc) were installed and no leaks were present we proceeded to do a RomRaider tune on this vehicle. Loaded the car on the Dyno Dynamics AWD and proceeded to do the stage2 calibration on it.

Subaru WRX Dyno run

Runs are in 4th gear
Ambient conditions were 80F, 82% humidity and 30.03 baro
Correction factor (none) 1.00

Everything went so well that we continued to work with the client to upgrade bushings, rear wheel bearings and the last project was install some very needed gauges.  In came PLX Devices with their gauge pod and smart boxes to interconnect sensors.

Here are the AFR and Oil Pressure sensor video after the install. I said fuel pressure, that is what the description is labeled in the gauge, but its actually the oil pressure psi that is being displayed.

AFR sensor display video

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S2000 Turbo – Recalibration

A local friend came in to make sure that his newly bought vehicle was operating in optimal condition.
We loaded the vehicle on the rollers and proceeded to test to see how the AFRs, boost curve and power delivery was.

After careful inspection we noticed that we could move a few numbers in the VE table on the AEM v2 to reach optimal fueling conditions on the boost region.

Dyno jet comparison numbers of the before and after the re-calibration.