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2005 Subaru WRX – APv3 Protune

Good day to you guys, well in another hot humid day in Kenner, LA we had a client come in from Biloxi, MS.  This was his first Subaru he has ever owned and wanted to make sure the car was running good from the previous owner that had the vehicle.  The vehicle is a 2005 Subaru WRX, with these list of mods:

  • 2.5L Built bottom end (forged internals)
  • 2.5L head (HD exhaust and intake valves), no avcs with TGV delete
  • Blouch td06-20G (BB)
  • Injector Dynamics 1000cc
  • Fuel pump
  • Larger TMIC
  • Turbo back exhaust
  • Cobb Accessport v3
  • Cobb intake
  • Southbend clutch kit.

As our usual way to start things is getting the car on the rollers, strap it down correctly and place all the necessary sensors needed for the calibration.  As we discovered after we made a 3rd and 4th gear WOT sweep as soon as the Blouch turbo would come alive our AFR went up with the boost and as many know that is not the way to keep a EJ255 motor happy and in one piece.  That meant we could not even do a full RPM run and we had to get to mapping the engine straight away.
As soon as we started getting the fueling down to the right range we started running into another issue.  As the boost started coming in as we made a sweep usually around 5000-5500 rpms the car would experience a sensation as the clutch was slipping.
Lowered the boost to wastegate spring rate and that did not help matters that much either.  Asked the client once again the clutch was on the car and he said that Southbend clutch was only in there for a few months.
We could not get that distinct smell of clutch when we were making the runs since the car was also exhibiting a little oil burning smell and that was indeed masking any other smell in the dyno room.

We now decided to get it off the rollers and do some street testing to make sure it was not the dyno giving a odd load to the vehicle (which I knew that was not the case) during the test runs.
Well as we tested on the local highways sure enough, right at the same psi and rpms as the dyno the car would quickly rev up in the same zone where the vehicle starts making its peak WTQ.  In any case managed to properly map the engine for where we could on the psi where it did not slip which in this case was around 13psi. Oh yeah the client tried to do a weak little launch and that only solidified our initial hunch that is was a clutch issue that we were experiencing.

So for now we are going to be ordering a new clutch kit for this client and installing it. Once the clutch kit is properly broken in we are going to re-visit this calibration session.

So stay tuned to see where this nice Blouch 20g ends up making once the bugs are sorted it out.

Thanks for checking out our blog posts.  Cheers


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2005 Subaru WRX – Costa Rica tuning

Talking to an associate of mine in Panama, he indicated that there was a technician over in Costa Rica that needed some help fine tuning a Subaru WRX.  After talking to this tech. in Costa Rica, I decided to give him a hand and try to help his client out.  The Subaru had some mods and there for needed to be fine tuned.

The mods were SF Intake, Downpipe and CBE, STI Pink injectors, FMIC and VF22 turbo.

So with a few iterations on the Cobb Accessportv2 and starting with a stage2 91 octane map, since the fuel in Costa Rica has less octane rating then the pitiful California 91 octane.  That is what was used as a starting point in this remote tune.

Good to have my first remote tune in the country of Costa Rica.  Special thanks goes out to Sebastián owner of InterlinkPZ & to Murruco for trusting in our tuning abilities.

Review from Facebook page:

Sebastian Cervantes Bedoya reviewed Corr Performance Tuning — 5 star
Muy buena atención la de Alberto, gran conocimiento. Se preocupa por que todo quedé como debe ser.
Se le agradece la paciencia!!