Haltech Elite 1500 – Savage Life EF

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Haltech Elite 1500 – Savage Life EF

Finally we got a chance to get a Haltech Elite with Race Functions to a local client.  We have tuned several of these Elite series but usually in the country of Panamà.  Now I have a chance to do some local tuning to a friend and racer we are sponsoring.

HT-150939 will be soon living inside a Honda EF Civic turbo.  We are focusing now on the custom engine harness then later the ignition accessories.

This project is in the infant stages at the moment as the chassis is getting prepped up for roll cage and other items.

So for now  we are gathering the necessary parts for the heart of the project.  Stay tuned as we will constantly update this blog as the parts start to come in and the work is done to the chassis.

Will leave you now with the brains of the whole operation:


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