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1992 Honda Civic – H22

This previous project took me to adjusting a H22 swapped civic with all the bolt ons on a Hondata S300 controlling the show.  Later a shot of NOS was added to make some more power.

A wet shot of 100 was added to the mix and that is where the S300 came in to make sure everything was operating in the engine to par.

Able to make some very goood reliable power for the wet shot that was delivered.eg1 eg2 eg3 eg4 eg5

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Panama Tuning 1/13/17 – ’08 Infiniti G37S

Started the day with a client from the capital driving all the way over to Taller NB in Las Tablas (4hr drive) to get UpRev tuned. The car that we were tuning was a 2008 Infiniti G37S and the mods on the vehicle were:

  • Berk TP
    Exhaust Stillen
    Intake Gen3 Stillen
    ARK exhaust

The previous motor on the motor let go because of a over rev issue that occurred.  A different motor was installed and he wanted to make sure the safety limiters were in place first and foremost.  We even managed to make a little more power and that is always a plus.




G37S4Before and after, so we managed to squeeze a few ponies out of this vehicle on this hot/humid day down here.
Ambient conditions : 90F, 68% humidity, 29.93 Baro




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2014 Scion FRS/SC – EcuTek

Had the pleasure to finally calibrate our first FRS with a Innovative supercharger.  Car came in to see if we can safely extract more usable power out of the twin screw charger, since this car will be used for road circuit and AutoX duties on the weekends.  Client was gracious enough to leave the car with us for a few days to slowly tweak all the parameters needed to make the gains.

Mods in the vehicle included:

  • Perrin intake
  • Innovative SC kit
  • Nameless Performance header & downpipe
  • Greddy Evo3 cat back exhaust
  • Manual transmission

Car arrived and we loaded it onto the dyno in order to get some baselines.  After we were satisfied with the baseline we obtained we later proceeded to load a base ROM and start from scratch.

Tuning on the EcuTek was fairly straightforward as the critical tables were touched in order to reach the right AFRs and also the proper timing on the engine.

frs1 frs2 frs3 frs4 frs5 frs6


Red run was the baseline with the ROM from the Innovative kit.
Green run was after the calibration session
Blue was a final run to check once again any knock corrections and Dynamic Adv, Multiplier.
Ambient conditions during the tune – 80F, 31% hum. & 30.18 baro.  Al runs were done in the 4th gear.

In conclusion we were very satisfied with the results and like to give special thanks to Shawn F. for the referral and Daniel for trusting in our tuning services.

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Haltech Elite 1500 – Savage Life EF

Finally we got a chance to get a Haltech Elite with Race Functions to a local client.  We have tuned several of these Elite series but usually in the country of Panamà.  Now I have a chance to do some local tuning to a friend and racer we are sponsoring.

HT-150939 will be soon living inside a Honda EF Civic turbo.  We are focusing now on the custom engine harness then later the ignition accessories.

This project is in the infant stages at the moment as the chassis is getting prepped up for roll cage and other items.

So for now  we are gathering the necessary parts for the heart of the project.  Stay tuned as we will constantly update this blog as the parts start to come in and the work is done to the chassis.

Will leave you now with the brains of the whole operation: