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2002 Subaru WRX – Calibration

Got this client a week ago to drop his Subaru WRX to get mapped out, but come to find out there were some issues that needed to be rectified before a single power pull could be administered.

A rear passanger side wheel bearing needed to be fixed, apart from that there were some vacuum lines that were not in the correct order.  After those things were sorted out then we proceded to connect and tune the vehicle via RomRaider.  Specs on the vehicle are as follows:

Fresh JDM ej205, 2004 sti 6 speed transmission, Kinugawa 20G turbo with all the necessary bolt ons.

wrx1 wrx2 wrx3 wrx4

ESensat04STI2 ESensat04STI

Ambient conditions 82F, 66%, 30.03 baro


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2015 Hyundai Santa Fe – baseline



Dyno jet simulated numbers are above

Ambient conditions – 82F, 66%, 30.03 baro



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2002 Lexus IS300 (2JZ-GTE)

An previous client came with a newly acquired car. His last one was lost in the recent floods so this was his new ride and it needed some remapping.  A built motor swap from a Supra was done to this vehicle as well as fitted it with many aftermarket parts to boot.

Mod list included: Haltech Sprint500 / Bosch 1000cc / Precision T4 6262 / GSP modified T4 Exh. manifold / Tial 44mm WG / HKS BOV / CX Racing FMIC / JE pistons /stock rods / Ferrea valves 1mm intake & .5mm exhaust / HKS 264 camshafts / Crower Spring & retainers / HKS headgasket  / Manual Transmission.

Shell Vpower 93 octane was used

Apart from remapping the Sprint500 we had to replace some tired Tbolt clamps in the chargepipes and swap out a faulty MBC for a Hallman MBC. Boost then was linear from 19psi to 18psi.

Special thanks to this client for trusting us with his vehicle.  See ya soon


is5 is6 is7





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2017 Subaru WRX – Baseline


Client getting a baseline done to this bone stock 2017 Subaru WRX before the mod parts start arriving.

Ambient temps 68F, 80% humidity, 30.03 baro

Test was made in 4th gear.

wrx3 wrx1 wrx2