Panama tuning trip 1/10/17 – ’07 Nissan 350z

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Panama tuning trip 1/10/17 – ’07 Nissan 350z

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On Tuesday the day started with wanting to install some FID injectors to a RSX a TPS and start tuning this Acura, but had some mishaps on some components that were not there yet and we had to move to the next car on the day.

This was a 2007 Nissan 350z, mods are CBE / TP and Intakes.  We had tried to tune previously but the ECU was locked out so the client had to get another ecu and marry it to the engine. Once that was done I was able to install the UpRev license and start tuning this HR engine.  Car came in very poor fueling both in vacuum and wot regions. After the fueling was dialed in the car started to wake up performance wise.  After the NA calibration was finalized we moved on to the ZEX Nitrous shot that was going to be added. A colder NGK (1406) plug was installed and tuning started on the NOS. Had some issues with NOS delivery so the guy that installed the kit was called to fix the issues. Everything was sorted out and managed to squeeze and additional 75+WHP. Car needs to have its clutch replaced since it was showing signs of weakness during some of the NOS pulls.








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