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1998 Lexus SC300 dyno testing

Had a client stiop by to have his newly acquired Lexus tested at our facility.

Mods included – 70mm turbo, 550cc, 5MT, ARP Headstuds.

Ambient conditions: 75F, 83%, 30.01 baro
sc1sc2 sc3  sc5sc7  sc8

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2015 Holden SS dyno test

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A close friend to the shop Stefan, let us test his newly acquired vehicle. He was looking to see some numbers before he goes mod crazy and tune it with hptuners.

Power made on the Dyno Dynamics – 340.5whp

Here are the pictures from the test….Enjoy

snooty1 snooty2 snooty3 snooty4 snooty5 snooty6 snooty7